IBM Domino Mobile Apps (IDMA) is available as of today!IDMA Logo

IDMA has been available as “public beta” for some time and has finally found its way into the App Store.

The release in the “regular” App Store is a welcome surprise, as originally there was talk of a release in the B2B Store. Also, this public availability makes the deployment easier.


IDMA can be downloaded and installed for free. It requires a valid and active license for use in production, which is equivalent to a Notes client license.

Prerequisite for the configuration is a Domino server with ID Vault (highly recommended, manual distribution of the Notes ID is cumbersome) and direct access via NRPC / port 1352 to the Domino server, e.g. with a VPN. At the moment IDMA is only optimized for iPad and requires at least iOS 14.1

We were involved in the beta from the very beginning and were able to follow the development first hand. IBM and HCL did a great job and also listened to feedback from the beta participants.

This is the first mobile offering. A version for Android and iPhone is already in progress and we were able to test them as well.

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