About Belsoft Collaboration AG

About us


Belsoft Collaboration AG is an independent and innovative solution provider with over 25 years of experience in the IT business.

We are an award winning business partner headquartered in Zurich and your partner for powerful communication and collaboration solutions, tailor-made software applications and experienced consultants in integration matters.

We assist our customers in their projects from the early stage of a brainstorming/assessment, to the implementation, education, adoption and support of the solution. We provide hosting services in Switzerland and Europe and a whole range of support services for your infrastructure.

The Management

Andreas Ponte

Andreas Ponte

CEO | Consultant

Andreas Ponte has over 25 years experience in the IT business and has joined Belsoft AG in 2007. With the founding of Belsoft Collaboration AG he took over a managing position but is still active in consulting and for technical matters related to HCL Domino, adoption topics for social software and trainings.

IBM Champion for Collaboration 2015 – 2019

HCL Ambassador 2019 – 2023

Tel: +41 44 388 13 41

Sandra Bühler

Sandra Bühler

Management | Senior Sales Consultant

Co-founder and manager at Belsoft AG and the newly founded Belsoft Collaboration AG. Sales specialist, successful project manager and consultant in the adoption of HCL Connections.

IBM Champion for Collaboration 2014 – 2019

HCL Ambassador 2019 – 2023

Tel: +41 44 388 13 41

External Blogs

The subject-specific blogs of our longtime employees. Interesting news about our products and services, mostly from a technical perspective.

Customer Stories, field reports and information on upcoming events by us or with our participation.

Sandra Bühler


Information about HCL Notes / Domino, HCL Connections, and Mobile in general. Mostly for admins but also for end-users.

Andreas Ponte


Information and experiences from daily operation with HCL Connections and the world of software development.

Urs Meli


Information and experiences from daily operation with HCL Collaboration solutions and next generation Business Communication.

Daniel Luginbühl


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