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ICON Switzerland 2018 – The IBM Domino 10 Launch Event

It's ICON Switzerland time again and we have something special to offer for our 9th event, which will take place on October 10, 2018 at the University of Zurich. For those unfamiliar with the event: ICON Switzerland was created as a customer forum where IBM customers...

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IBM Domino 10 Verified Solution

As part of the beta testing for IBM Domino 10, we also test our own applications. We already received a "Verified Solution" badge for various applications. The verification checks whether the application runs on an IBM Domino 10 server and/or can be used with IBM...

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Ich bin ein Berliner – Social Connections 14

Social Connections is returning to Europe and on October 16 and 17 the event will offer a platform for all those who are interested in collaboration solutions, especially IBM Connections. This time the journey is to Berlin, with the historic Spreespeicher as the event...

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DenyAll to become Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

During the Cybersecurity Summit in Paris, DenyAll officially announced their re-branding. DenyAll becomes Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity. In addition to the re-branding, the innovations from Rohde & Schwarz and the new vision of the company were the...

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Crossware Partner Review 2017

We have been a «Gold Partner» of Crossware for many years. Crossware Mail Signature is an email signature software application that automatically adds compliant, personalised and attractive email signatures to all emails. These signatures may include...

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The journey continues #Domino2025

 A lot has changed in the IBM Notes and Domino world during the last few weeks and months. The partnership with HCL and the resulting new role allocation with IBM, the very successful #Domino2025 Jams, which brought important insights but also questions about the next...

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Think 2018

  Something which we already saw in preparation last year, will be continued this year. IBM THINK 2018 is the conference for all IBM products and solutions and will be held March 19-22 in Las Vegas. A central conference means that as a participant - customer or...

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IBM Champion 2018 recognition

This year, IBM reviewed over 1400 nominees before recognizing 650 of them as IBM Champion. The IBM Champions program recognizes innovative thought leaders in the technical community and rewards these contributors by amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere...

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External Blogs

Internationally known blogs of our long-term employees. Always interesting news about our products and services, mostly from a technical point of view.

Customer stories, testimonials and information about events organised by us or with our participation.

Sandra Bühler

Information about IBM Notes/Domino, IBM Verse, IBM Connections, mobile working and more for administrators but also users.

Andreas Ponte

Information and experiences from daily operations with IBM Connections and the world of software development.

Urs Meli

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