Back in May at the ICON US conference the competition was announced and started. The challenge for the participants was to come up with an innovative solution, enhancing existing collaboration solutions with cognitive elements and technologies such as IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson.

The winners were announced during the ICON UK conference in September by IBM Collaboration Solutions General Manager Inhi Cho Suh.

We are very proud that “HR Assistant” was chosen as the winning application because the «Fred & Frank» team behind the solution is composed of our very own Frédéric Dehédin and Frank van der Linden from Elstar IT, with whom we have worked on projects before.

The «HR Assistant» application is leveraging IBM Watson services which are helping:

  • Using the Tone Analyser to get the emotions of the cover letter and job descriptions.
  • Using Personality Insights to get more insights of the applicant
  • Using Alchemy Language to get the keywords used in the text in jobs and job applications.

See it in action on IBM Bluemix:

Congratulations to «Fred & Frank» and the runners-up, who all did a great job!

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