This year 635 out of 2000 nominees were selected as IBM Champion. The selection concerns all IBM brands participating in the IBM Champions Program.

The IBM Champions program recognizes and rewards external experts and thought leaders for their work with IBM products and communities. The program supports advocates and experts across IBM in areas that include Blockchain, Cloud, Collaboration, Data & Analytics, Security, Storage, Power, Watson IoT, and IBM Z.

We are proud that Belsoft Collaboration AG is once again represented with 2 IBM Champion in this international group. Sandra Bühler and Andreas Ponte were both confirmed as IBM Champion for 2019.

We are particularly pleased that reference customers are also represented in the IBM Champions program. In addition to Lifetime Champion Roberto Mazzoni from the University of Zurich, Marta Alvarez from Eurapco was also included in the program this year.

We congratulate all IBM Champions for 2019 and look forward to working with them.


Some statistics about the IBM Champions program:
  • 65% renewing Champions; 35% new Champions
  • 39 countries represented
  • 9 IBM business areas
    • Data & Analytics (31%)
    • Cloud (22%)
    • Collaboration Solutions (15%)
    • Power Systems (9%)
    • Storage (7%)
    • IBM Z (6%)
    • Watson IoT (4%)
    • Blockchain (2%)
    • Security (3%)

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