The 2017 IBM Champion for ICS were announced during the meetIT conference in Milano. The announcement was streamed live and the broadcast was eagerly awaited in the community. For 2017, 123 members from the community were elected as IBM Champion for ICS. 79 Champions were confirmed and 44 new members were added.

We are proud that Belsoft Collaboration AG is once again represented with 2 IBM Champion. Sandra Bühler and Andreas Ponte were again both confirmed as IBM Champion for 2017.

With this international recognition, the commitment of Belsoft Collaboration AG for the IBM Collaboration Solutions brand has been recognized and rewarded. Sandra Bühler and Andreas Ponte will continue to shape and organize user group events and continue to share their experience and know-how in conferences worldwide.

We want to congratulate Roberto Mazzoni from the University of Zurich, as well as our longtime project partner Frank van der Linden from elstarIT for their recognition as well and of course also all other IBM Champion.

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