Zoo Zürich – A successful Collaboration

Project description

Efficient work for mobile users and easier integration of external volunteers on the same platform already in use for internal administration – collaboration at its best.

The challenge

With HCL Connections, the Zoo Zurich provides its internal administrative staff with a knowledge platform where also documents are shared and activities are organised and worked on.
Zoo Zürich Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsplatz, Connections Blog auf dem Bildschirm

Another challenge emerged when the desire was expressed to better integrate and provide information to the many volunteers who, for example, give tours of the zoo, or to the animal keepers who only access the zoo infrastructure via mobile devices.

Some of the requirements could not be provided directly in Connections, so we implemented them with HCL Domino Leap and integrated the information and functions into Connections in this way.

The solution

Zoo Zurich has been using HCL Connections as a collaboration and intranet platform since 2018. This for the exchange of information via blogs and wikis, but also to provide documents such as duty schedules for the animal keepers, as well as various forms for all employees.

«HCL Connections is ideal for us in this regard, as it also gives our part-time staff and staff on call, such as zoo keepers or volunteers, easy access to the necessary information outside of our domain», says Christian Schneider, ICT Data Specialist at Zoo Zurich.


«With the combination of HCL Connections and the forms of HCL Domino Leap, we have launched a promising prototype for the scheduling and time recording of our volunteer team. In addition, we expect to simplify various internal processes that we can cover via workflows in the forms.»

Also since 2018, the Zoo Zurich has been using Crossware’s Mail Signature solution for Microsoft 365.

«Crossware reads content from the zoo’s central Active Directory and uses it to automatically create all individual email signatures for zoo employees. What’s great is that with the Crossware solution, marketing content can also be controlled centrally using different banners»

Christian Schneider

ICT Data Specialist, Zoo Zurich

Project details




HCL Connections

HCL Domino Leap

Crossware  – Mail Signature for M365

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