Event organization and coordination with OnTime Group Calendar

Project description

Decentralized organization of appointments, web meetings, events and other time planning is no easy task in a scientific environment. Fast and efficient collaboration is essential at all times.

The Challenge

It has to be as simple as possible, even for people without IT expertise. Nevertheless, as much information as possible must be available, for the group of users who use the calendar intensively.

The Solution

To meet this requirement, WSL has chosen the group calendar solution OnTime from Intravision. In the heterogeneous environment of Windows, Mac and Linux devices, the browser-based solution is ideally suited.

With the groupware HCL Notes and HCL Verse, the browser based mail client, employees can individually manage their calendars. This information is then integrated in the OnTime group calendar. Allocation of resources can be easily accessed and used by all authorized persons.

Events at a glance
Seminars, workshops and other events can of course also be scheduled in the group calendar. The challenge is to manage the tasks clearly for catering, technicians and all other parties involved. The numerous options with category assignment and color coding enable WSL to effortlessly implement these requirements on the go.

«As WSL’s event organizer I wanted transparency as to when which events take place, and that all employees who plan events, have a single tool at their disposal.»

Susanne Senn-Raschle

Publications & Event Organization, WSL

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OnTime Groupcalendar
HCL Domino
HCL Verse
HCL Notes

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