Easy-to-use seminar management for the University of Zurich

Project description

The IT Services of the University of Zurich were looking for a flexible, role-based and multitenant seminar management system to replace the various solutions in place. An application developed by Belsoft now meets all requirements.


The Challenge

The courses offered by the IT Services of the University of Zurich (UZH) had been bookable online for several years. Over the years, the IT Services kept receiving requests asking if this solution could be made available to other departments and institutes. Unfortunately, it was not possible to transfer the solution to other units because the previous solution, based on ORACLE and Perl, had not been conceived for multiple clients.

The Belsoft solution based on Domino/Notes was the one which best met the needs of UZH.

Other Belsoft clients were already using this solution, which merely required a few adjustments for the online registration functions. With XPages IBM has made it possible to set up websites and applications based on Domino/Notes databases quickly and efficiently.


The Solution

Based on the jointly developed detailed concept, the first step was to install the course program of the IT Services in the testing environment of the University of Zurich. Thanks to the user-friendly interfaces and the clear displays it was possible to enter the basic data with minimal training and without difficulty, thus paving the way for a smooth migration to the production environment.

In order to satisfy the requirements, it was important to consider that different items had to be programmed only once and that in future they can be decentralized and adapted by independent configuration entries in the databases. At present, external participants can register without any problems for the guided tour of the building on the centenary anniversary, whereas only members of the UZH can enroll in the IT Services courses.

“The first evening after the launch of the solution we published the summer term courses. Over 1000 users used the new seminar management system that very same day – with no need for support!”

Roberto Mazzoni

Head of User Services, University of Zurich





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