«Out of Company» instead of «Out of Office» – The simple solution for leaving notices


Have you seen such messages before?


Out of Office - Out of company


Do you want to

  • send a consistent and preconfigured message that the recipient is no longer working for your company?
  • have a cleaned-up Domino Directory and only have active user in the «People» view?
  • archive the mail databases of former employees but still be able to process incoming mail?

We can assist you with our “Out of Company” solution.

Our solution is distinguished by a simple configuration in which the notification, various settings and a blacklist are configurable per database and this at a fixed price.

We can help you setting up the first instance, on site or remotely, afterwards you can create and manage other instances on your own.




Project details

International Insurance
International Reinsurance
Service company
Industrial companies

IBM Notes/Domino


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