totemo provides user-friendly, pragmatic and technologically leading solutions to industry and government to meet the increasing demands to maintain privacy when exchanging sensitive information.

As a totemo Gold Partner, we will gladly assist you in the introduction, implementation or operation of the totemo solutions.

Secure Email Communication with totemomail®

totemomail® Encryption Gateway protects your email communication with customers and business partners whereas totemomail® Internal Encryption secures your internal email traffic. In combination, they become the innovative and potent hybrid encryption solution totemomail® Hybrid Encryption.

Totemomail Hybrid Encryption Flow

Secure Managed File Transfer with totemodata®

totemodata® is an easy-to-use solution that supports all types of secure file transfer such as human-to-human, human-to-system and system-to-system. It guarantees data confidentiality, integrity, as well as authenticity in any scenario for organisations across all industries. totemodata® is platform-independent, supports all established data exchange protocols and seamlessly integrates into any existing IT infrastructure. Its scalability makes it the ideal solution for companies and organisations of any size.

Totemodata Flow

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